Saturday, May 3, 2008

How people reach my blog

The most popular way people get here is by searching for an image of Steven King.

Someone googled "Dorothy vs. Alice." I believe that person was looking for the iconic literary gals, but instead found two other literary women: Dorothy Allison and Alice Sebold.

Recently, I believe my former agent (hi Ben!) found me when I wrote about his new career. I know he worked hard at the agent thing--and I'm truly happy he has found something he obviously loves. (Believe me, I get the "I'm changing my career"'s happened to me time and again.) His blog is very cool for those who are interested in all things epicurean (with a dash of home improvement).

Speaking of an array of careers, there are people who google "Kate Evans," but it's hard to know which one they're searching for.

The singer?

The scientist?

The actress?

The blogger?

The film editor?

The 19 year old with the wonderful accent who looks like she plays soccer or some other such sport?

The one born in 1826?

The therapist?

The editor of a girl's magazine?

The midwife?

Let's face it, most are probably looking for the porn star.

(All photos are of Kate Evans.)


Collin Kelley said...

You're the best of all the Kate Evans out there. :)

Kate Evans said...

Aw shucks... :)

Ben Salmon said...

Hi Kate!

Kate Evans said...

Ah ha, I was right, it was you! Hi Ben! Sounds like you're really enjoying getting the store together--and cooking fabulous meals. Your description of cooking that fish & brussel sprouts & serving it with all those gorgeous strawberries is quite a contrast to my frozen Trader Joe's dinners.