Monday, May 7, 2007

A Two-Parter

Today's a two-parter:

I have a conflict tomorrow night: American Idol or James D. Houston? Most respectable writers would never admit to such a conflict, but I've never been accused of being respectable.

Will I watch the 3 Divas battle it out with the beat-boxing white dude? Or will I listen to James Houston talk about his new novel, Bird of Another Heaven--a novel that I've been looking forward to even since Jim told me about it when he was a visting professor last year at the university where I teach? One aspect of the novel is the take-over of Hawaii by the U.S., and it's set partially in San Francisco. I'm intrigued, especially since my mom was born in S.F. and lived in Hawaii before it was a U.S. state. I want to get a signed copies for her and for me.

Am I willing to sacrifice my Idol addiction for my literary lust?

To complicate matters, I don't have a VCR or Tivo.

To complicate matters further, BARRY GIBB will be on Idol tomorrow. Oh. My. God. I spent too many hours wearing out the grooves in my Bee Gees albums to miss out on BARRY GIBB.

Stay tuned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These very short poems/sections from "Images" by Bert Meyers remind me of the power of brevity.

And like good poetry and art can do so well, they help me to see the world.


Bales of hay--cartons
of sunlight fading in a field.

. . .

Shadows rise like water,
white fences comb their hair.

. . .

Leaves everywhere--
shreds of a giant eraser;
an oak leaf
becoming an antique.

. . .

Outside, a snowfall's passed
and painted all the windowsills,
even the curb's gray putty.

. . .

Sunlight in a window--
a flower in a glass.

. . .

After the rain
a streetlight hangs
the shadow of trees
like laundry
on a wall.


Talia Reed said...

Beautiful'd better do the "right" thing.

(And I'll admit to liking Desperate Housewives--there, I've said it!)

Anonymous said...


Kate Evans said...

The RIGHT thing. Hm. We shall see what that is!