Friday, May 4, 2007

More: Would You Buy This Book?

I'm still trolling the internet for possible book images, as I discussed earlier today.

I just realized that the image of the woman with her head thrown back and the image of the legs in the grass could both be read as dead. Of course, that's ambiguous--and so maybe that makes the images more evocative. Still, the book is very lively--and ultimately life-affirming--so I'm thinking I might want an image that reflects that.

Here's are two more. Both I think are fun and quirky--and I also like how the flower theme evokes the "May Queen" of the title, For the May Queen. Thoughts?


Collin Kelley said...

The one of the over-made up girl...absoutely not. That's my least favorite of the one's you've posted. The one with the girl and the flower is good. Again, I'd go with a tight crop on hte face and flower...maybe just head and shoulders up. :)

Montgomery Maxton said...

i've been hunting istock for you, too! :) i like the green dress/flower over the face one the most so far.

Kate Evans said...

I agree with you two and have been playing around with mocking up covers (in a low-tech, cut-with-scissors way). :)

Mia King said...

Oh, here I go, causing trouble ... I think the first one stands out more. I would pick it up, even though the makeup would make me wonder if it was age-appropriate for me. I think if you could get a fresh fresh with all those wonderful flowers ... perfect!

I don't care for the second one because it's too quiet - also, the flower doesn't fit her face right - needs to be smaller or larger. I think you could find similar images that might do the same.

Right now, given your title, I would lean towards images that conveyed a sense of abundance of flowers, plus fun and flirty. If your book's not fun and flirty, then find a softer face, but there is more energy in that first cover and the flowers are gorgeous!