Friday, May 18, 2007

Getting Paid for Online Publishing

I love holding a book in my hands--and I'm not a fan of reading long things on the screen. But short things online are great.

It's interesting to see all the special-focus websites popping up that publish people's work and that pay.

For instance, Drumtable features memoir, encouraging you to "drum up your life stories." In fact, today Annie's piece is an "Editor's Pick" (check it out here). Writers aren't paid directly, but if your piece is chosen as an Editor's Pick you win $50-100 in prizes.

I recently became aware of weddingchickie, which features "advice and commentary for the savvy bride." They recently featured the piece I wrote about Annie and me getting married in San Francisco. I was paid $150.

If you know of any sites that pay or award prizes for creative writing, please enlighten us.

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