Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two Very Different Kinds of News

Mom News
I tried to tell Mom today that it might be better if she came to Annie's and my house for a week or two when she's released from the care facility. (She has fallen twice since my father died March 17 and has been in the hospital and care facility for rehab for weeks now.)

All she said to me over and over was, "I want to go home. I want to go home." It broke my heart. So...I'm taking her to her house next week. I'll stay with her as long as I need to, watching over her and setting up in-home care and other systems. It's hard to even think about all this is going to take when I'm still grieving my dad ... and still grappling with all the years he was ill ... and all the changes I'm seeing in my mom physcially, mentally and emotionally.

But I just have to keep reminding myself: this isn't about me. It's about helping my mom get her life in balance. She's 74. I'm only 44. I lost my dad. She lost her spouse of 49 years. I can regain my balance more easily.

Cannes News
I'm still eagerly waiting to hear from my friend Janelle who is in Cannes with her daughter, Dina Ciraulo, who was invited to show the trailer of her film in progress, Opal. Annie and I had the pleasure of watching a day of filming last summer up in Sausalito, one of the jewels of California.

The film is based on the mysterious real-life story of Opal Whiteley. (Read more about her here.)

I hope Janelle will have some juicy celebrity sightings to share. The celebrity I would want to meet most (call me a liberal nerd) is Michael Moore! I can't wait to see the new film he's screen at Cannes, Sicko.

Give em hell, Mike.


Collin Kelley said...

Time magazine has a pretty balanced review/essay of "Sicko." Click over and check it out.,8599,1623337,00.html?cnn=yes

Arlene said...

really sorry to hear about your mom, kate. i can't tell you how much i empathize. my dad was ill for sometime, too — and he really hated being away from home. luckily, my mom is taking his death well... even though she's been diagnosed with breast cancer herself just recently. it's really hard to see one's parents change as they age and grapple with illness. a cheering-up hug for ya!

not sure if you're already a subscriber, but Creative Writing Opportunities List might be of interest since it announces call for subs (all genres), contests and also residencies:

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you're soooo prolific! keep it up.


Kate Evans said...

COLLIN: I tend to like Richard Corliss' reviews...and in this one he points out that Michael Moore does his thing well...and that his thing has holes, but doesn't everyone's? I'm grateful there is a Michael Moore in the world. We need someone to balance out the insanity of the Ann Coulters.

ARLENE: Thank you kindly for your hug and thoughts. It's so important to hear other people's stories like this...reminds me that I'm embroiled in the human condition.

I'll definitely check out Creative Writing Opportunities.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Kate, I'm sorry to hear about your mom! My parents are both relatively healthy and strong, but I still see so many signs of physical change in the last couple of years that it frightens me. I have no words of wisdom to offer, just my heartfelt thoughts for both of you.

And I'm very intrigued by the Opal movie you spoke about (I live in Oregon and am quite familiar with her story). It sounds exciting!